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is manufactured in Spain by ID Farma. The product satisfies all European norms and is prepared for immediate use with full traceability.

Points of importance: (Compared to other Generic Phosphatylcholine brands)

1) It is water soluble by virtue of pharmacological process.
2) Our PPC is more stable i.e. less temperature dependant; use without dissolving.
3) There is less redness, less itching and less heat.
4) In our view on those that use it the results are better and less uncomfortable than similar products.
5) It also costs less due to our straightforward and fair pricing policy.
6) You can only appreciate the difference, however, when you use it!

FOSFATIDILCOLINA packed 20 x 5cc amps at 250 mgs per amp with Agua Bidestilada C.S.P. (distilled water). The difference is that our product is marked on the box; it was formulated to use as a mesotherapy treatment .

FC (99% purity) 250 mg
Sodio Desoxicolato (solubilizante)
Benzilic alcohol ( conservante)
Sodio Cloruro (isotonicity)
Vit E ( antioxidant)
Water...c.s.p 5ml

$11.00 only per ampoule of 5cc (shipping extra)
Minimum order 100 amps ie 5 packets
(Please Order in Multiples of 20 amps)

Bulk Orders:
500amps. - 1000 amps. $ 10.5 per amp (shipping is free)
Above 1000 amps. $ 9.5 per amp (shipping is free)

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