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Dedication Of This Work (To Whom It May Concern):
The internet is full off sites (some authentic and many not!) advertising themselves as the only place for Aesthetic physicians to learn the art of Lipodissolve and/or Mesotherapy by attending such and such a seminar, for a few calendar days, for sometimes thousands of Dollars per participant (hotel and other expenditures not included). Each is supposed to represent some fancy sounding association for Mesotherapists etc, where once you attend their seminar and register with them (once again for a fee in most cases) then your name will be added to their lists of supposedly authentic practitioners. That is all very good and I am NOT trying to run down any genuine specialist of Aesthetic Lipodissolve and Mesotherapys business practice but attending a seminar, entails taking off time from a very busy practice sometimes, apart from the dislocation of home life and other personal committmets. Not every physician, however interested he/she may be in learning this ever increasingly popular therapeutic art, can get that time off to attend, let alone save up to pay thousands of US Dollars to do the needful. This instructional CD is dedicated particularly to this segment of practicing physicians in mind and it definitely has enough information to hopefully become a "gold standard" of reference for anyone interested in the art of Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy. It is time these therapies become available to all physicians interested in adding them to their therapeutic armamentarium.

"Introducing Aesthetic Lipodissolve & Mesotherapy into Your Practice" (Instructional Rom)

Intstructional CD on the arts of Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy. This extensive treatise on the art of Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy is dedicated to to training and educating physicians from all over the world about the fields of Aesthetic Injection Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy and informing the layman and patient interested in knowing about the procedure they are about to undergo. Topics include: Introduction and Overview of Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy, Practical Applications of Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve injection technique, Mesotherapy for Cellulite, Mesolift, Sports Medicine,Pain Management, alopecia etc. Products used in Mesotherapy with different injection protocols explained in detail and an Extensive FAQ Section for both Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy and lots and lots more educational, illucidating information.....!

How useful is this Instructional CD ROM for plastic surgeons?

Plastic surgeons trained through carefully following the parameters mentioned in this text and putting such principles into practice, have reported tremendous benefits for their patients with both Lipodissolve andMesotherapy and have been very pleased with the procedure. These procedures can replace some surgical procedures while reducing clinical costs, surgical risks and offer an option to patients unwilling or unable to undergo surgery.

Those that would benefit from this course are:

All licensed MD"s interested in simplified non-invasive cosmetic procedures.
Plastic surgeons seeking an option for patients unwilling or unable to undergo surgery for localized fat deposits; for safer facial and eye pad procedures; for cellulite therapy; for correctional touch-up procedures after liposculpture
Mesotherapy practitioners who are interested to provide safer and improved fat loss and cellulite procedures.
Dermatologists offering cellulite solutions and safe aesthetic procedures
Family physicians and surgeons interested to offer simplified and mild cosmetic procedures to their patients.
Licensed RN"s working under direct supervision of a physician.
Physicians specializing in singel areas such as face or eye pad procedures, or specific body procedures, or skin or cellulite therapy, will benefit in their clinical practice from this course.
Medical societies, boards and associations researching new cosmetic therapies.
International medical practitoners wanting accurate knowledge in new therapies.

Information for medical practitioners only:

1) Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy and ever evolving therapeutic art forms, with new and improved treatment prococols being discovered from time to time. No publication however well and pains takenly researched can ever be perfect or complete. All constructive critisism and illuminating new treatment protocol methods; backed up by practical patient statistics, will be gratefully accepted and when the information is used in future publications, acknowledgement for the information will be noted in writing in the CD, in the appropriate section.

2) All medical practitioners purchasing this instructional CD-Rom will have their names added to our list of qualified Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy practitioners on request. Medical practitioners, registered nurses etc may on request also, be supplied our "completion of training certificate" FREE of charge with each purchase of our detailed Lipodissolve and Mesotherapt instructional CD-Rom.To avail of such a facility, you are kindly advised to send us a copy of your medical diploma and practicing licence either by mail or by "Attachment" mail to along with your request.
It will help if this information is sent in with you original purchase, so as not to duplicate shipping charges and formalities.

Requests for this facility without the above documents will not be entertained!.

List of Contents:
1. Preface
2. About the Author
3. Message from Dr. Ashley Minas
4. Patient Information (Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon)
5. Declaration of Aesthetic Medical Ethics
6. General Principles of Wound Healing And Management
7. All About Skin - Histology & Healing
8. The Perfect Body - Thinness and Slim Or 36-24-36
9. The Mathematics of Beauty
10. About The Founders Of Lipodissolve & Mesotherapy
11. Introduction to Lipodissolve
12. Phosphatidylcholine Prescribing Information
13. Lipodissolve FAQ
12. Relevant Supporting Articles
13. Lipodissolve Before & After Pictures
14. New Lipodissolve Professional Kit
15. Lipodissolve Injection Technique
16. A Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction in Body-Contouring?
17. Cellulite And Its Treatment
18. Introduction to Mesotherapy
19. Mesotherapy FAQ
20. Different Mesotherapy protocols
22. List of Mesotherapeutic Agents
23. Different types of Dermotherapy Syringe Guns
24. Medical References
25. Acknowledgements
26. Conclusion
27. Medical Disclaimer

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