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  » Welcome note from Dr. Ashley Minas
Dear friends,

The experience of many years of clinical practice has given me a meaningful insight into the psychology of modern man. Today, the modern educated and intelligent patient and his/her loved ones are thinking people and thirsty for information regards their afflictions. No longer content to blindly accept a doctor"s diagnosis as gospel truth, people are now questioning their doctors and are willing to go that extra mile to have their queries answered to their satisfaction. In my daily practice, I have come across patients who have probably seen as many as two or three medical practitioners prior to me and have their heads filled with different, even bombastic, medical diagnosis, so much so that the patient is completely bewildered and even under more stress than before.
The reasons for this miscommunication in a doctor-patient relationship are:

1) The patient is too shy and embarrassed, in a direct consultation, to ask all his/her private medical queries.

2) The physician concerned cannot, will not or is too busy and pressed for time, to be able to answer all the patient"s doubts adequately and, more importantly, patiently in the laymans language.

My intention is to fill this very obvious gap in a patient"s medical consultation and through my site I aim to put most, if not all of my patients, fears and questions to rest in as simple a layman"s language as possible and to bring my patient up to date with the latest, tested medical information available.

Please feel free to ask our doctors any medical or health-related queries you may have and we promise to answer it accurately, promptly, and in a language you will understand, to set your mind at peace.

I believe that when a patient trusts his/her doctor and is able to relate with his/her physician on a one-to-one basis he/she is already half-way to being cured. Furthermore, I take the relationship between a doctor and his patient to be absolutely confidential and every effort will be made to keep all communication completely secure and private.

Thank you!
Dr. Ashley Minas